Jeanne Omlor is a Business Coach who offers (one-on-one) personalized and tailor-made coaching programs. The coaching sessions are all by phone, so anyone, anywhere in the world who is just itching to transform their business, which will greatly impact your whole life, has access to this ultimate Business Breakthrough Coaching. Please contact us at so we can find a program that will hack getting your business getting to the next level. 

The “Business Breakthrough” Programs

In these Coaching Programs, we will work out a personalized plan to do whatever it takes to get your business to the next level, whatever that level is. It’s for entrepreneurs who are launching a new business, or for small businesses who have been operating for a while now but are stuck at a plateau, and who are so ready to break through and Make More Money, while keeping their brand and integrity intact. 

It’s for smart and intuitive entrepreneurs who are ready to blast through whatever limitations or obstacles that are keeping them from getting to their ultimate business goals. Together we will create the most effective marketing strategy that brings in ideal clients, optimizes sales and profits and keeps you on track.

You will learn how to operate using the “Highest Impact Action” at all times, sharpen your decision-making, boost confidence, optimize productivity, and we’ll create a Social Media Strategy that works and doesn’t suck you dry, all so you can maximize on generating the most cash possible for your business. Because when all is said and done, that is what your business should be doing!

Above all, you will have access to ultra-impact motivation and mentoring so you are operating at your highest capacity in whatever you need specifically to Master Your Business to take it beyond your wildest dreams and to use your unique talents to impact the world.

If you are ready take the action to see far-reaching results in your business as soon as possible, this is for you. If you are ready to do whatever it takes to move from neutral to fifth gear and to take control of your future “Precious Life and Business!”, then this is for you. If you are tired of playing small, this is definitely for you!

To get more information on the “Business Breakthrough” programs, email: and we would be glad to answer any questions you have!