What makes you different. And why it matters.


That’s what I’m going to be with you today.

I want to let you know why people are not crossing the street or clamoring to buy from you and your organization.

And the truth is – it has absolutely nothing to do with how good your idea is or what you offer.

People might actually be noticing you left, right and centre, (if you got that part right so far) but the thing is, you are not giving them any reason to go beyond simply paying attention.

And by not doing this one thing, means that you are actively sabotaging your chances of being an influencer and a Leader.

It is the reason that potential clients don’t trust you enough to care about your idea or what you do and your company do.

And it is the reason they hold back, and keep their credit cards firmly in their wallet, and out of your reach.

So here is what you need to do:

You need to stop telling people what you and your business are.

And you need to start telling them what you are not…and what you can do for THEM that is extraordinary.

You need to tell people how you are different from the hundreds of cookie cutter business people out there.

And you need to SHOW them how you are different, when it comes to your business.

Do you know?

Have you given much thought to what makes you and your idea extraordinary? What makes dealing with you extraordinary?

Today, it is no longer enough to say that I have an MBA or my facebook page has 150,000 fans, or whatever that thing is that we hear ourselves saying over and over like a broken record.

Plenty of other people, smart or otherwise have badges of honour too.

To reach success today, you have to go beyond just wearing your badge of what you tell yourself and others you have achieved. You have to go way beyond.

See, the thing is, most of us have something more valuable than all those credentials. We are worth more than a list of things we have done.

We are just keeping it hidden.

Life is too short.

Your gifts too precious.

So don’t squander your opportunity to impact others’ lives and your own through your business.

Deep down you know what makes you different.

It’s time to start articulating it.

So. Let’s start now:

Write down what makes you different – better than others in your niche.

If you realize you aren’t being  different and as good as you can be, what can you do better that makes your difference shine? What can you do to stand out? To be more excellent?

What can make you and your company  the obvious choice?

WHY should your ideal client give you business?

What do you need to do, to offer, to make this happen?

Then start telling people what puts you head and shoulders above others, and how it will help THEM.

Then BE your difference!