“As soon as I left our very first session, I went straight to my next sales call and landed a $30,000 contract!”

I am the owner of a newly formed electrical power corporation, and as a woman, need every advantage in a male dominated field.

Coaching with Jeanne has been a transformative experience for me and my business. I learned how to ascertain the type of client we wanted, instead of wasting time as we had in the past, boosted my business self-confidence and profits working with her, among many other things. She also helped me perfect my 8 second sales pitch which I had been fervently working on, but was still  lacking. Jeanne helped me craft one that would “Knock the Prospects’ Socks Off” as she put it. Quickly, I adopted her methodology and vastly improved my own delivery and the results started happening.

As soon as I left our very first session, I went straight to my next sales call and landed a $30,000 contract! That sales call was after a mere 40 minutes with Jeanne.  I am completely certain I would have never landed that client without her coaching, or the other ideal clients that followed that one. What more absolute proof could a business leader want of the impact of her services?  Her coaching is supercharging, amazing, and highly effective.

Eileen Carey – CEO, G & E Electrical Power Corp


Before I started working with Jeanne, I struggled every day to find the time to get the things I need to get done to make great strides not only with my business but in every area of my life. I had way too many priorities and had built “relaxation” habits into my day which Jeanne immediately zoned in on and showed me were wasting over 3 hours of my day! Let me tell you, as an entrepreneur who is a single mom with a special needs child, I can get an awful lot done given three extra hours in a day! Just this one realization resulted in me making real, concrete progress on my business every day, usually getting more accomplished by 9 a.m. than I used to get done in a week. This helped me increase my profits immediately!  Jeanne also has many other strategies for her clients, and now I have a lot more time and flexibility to implement these AND to be creative and strategic. She also helped me gain the confidence to follow through with my lifework to do great things and serve many people. What I have loved most about Jeanne’s coaching and programs, and the reason I highly recommend her to other people who are serious about getting their important work out there to the world and to make money doing it, is how she gets right to the heart of the subject quickly, effectively, but with compassion. She is laser-smart, and she helps you get the job done!

Lishui K Springford – MindTreeHealth.net


When I first started working with Jeanne, I was swimming in fear of social media and marketing. I needed help quick and that is when she appeared. Jeanne taught me valuable tools to get out of my head and into action and to concentrate on activities that are bringing in much higher revenues. Her accountability system helped me to realize and value steps that I had taken and the next best actions to move forward on a weekly basis. It helped me to stop and take stock and celebrate the good stuff and not dwell on the “what ifs.” Jeanne is generous with her ideas and creativity and is an amazing marketing pro. She trained me to write efficient, results-driven copy that helped me to get the attention of some of the best bloggers and retailers. And this led me to embarking on enduring and profitable relationships with these amazing entrepreneurial companies! By working with Jeanne, my company has learned and implemented so many useful tools that have helped me to build and grow our business. I am so grateful to her for her generosity, dynamic and positive attitude, resourcefulness and above all, her support.

Karina Kallio – Owner and Designer of Kallio NYC


Just before I met Jeanne, I was beginning a lot of initiatives for the company and resetting some of our processes and procedures. I had a lot on my plate and was seeking help in organizing and prioritizing this growth and organization phase… but didn’t know where to begin, how to fit it in, and make it all happen.

The company and I have responded so well since Jeanne started coaching me, as well as serving as a check and balance outside of the company, and invaluable sounding board. The accountability intrinsic especially, in a weekly meeting with her has made me much more organized and focused. Jeanne is so easy to talk to and brainstorm with. She is very knowledgeable about time management strategies which we are successfully implementing in our workplace and using to create more space and time and less stress. Jeanne has also helped us greatly with effective social media strategy, growth and implementation which has started working as far as bringing in far more online sales. I have also employed her accountability system with my employees, and we have created positive intentions, and more effective planning and growth in our workplace.

Jennifer Cattaui – Owner of Babesta Boutiques and Babesta.com


I was frustrated, lost and confused about where I was going in my career. I was at a dead end. Then I was referred to Jeanne.

Jeanne actually helped me figure out my new career path as a restaurant consultant in our very first session. She got me to dig deep into looking at my strengths and how I could use them to create balance in work/life, while serving and helping others. Jeanne is very efficient, organized, thorough and focused. And she was driven in finding results and a plan that was personalized just for my startup. I didn’t feel like some blanket approach or solution was being applied. And she always has the next step of our plan and relevant  information at her fingertips for me to move forward. Jeanne’s belief in my company and her positive attitude helped me to conquer my fears and gain confidence and helped me put all the pieces together. And made me believe that I can do this. That it’s real.

I never feel better and more motivated than after a coaching session with Jeanne. And the learning curve is incredible. I feel that anything can be attained with my business. She’s helping me to reinvent myself and  build my business right in front of my eyes! I was so excited to see profits start coming into my new business. I haven’t been this inspired and excited about my career and life in years. It’s all happening thanks to Jeanne.

Andrea Samide – Restaurant Consultant


“Since I starting working with Jeanne, I have tripled my profits and it’s getting better all the time.”

When I met Jeanne, I was struggling to stay consistent and trying to do everything on my own. I wasn’t reaching my goals and I lacked clarity and direction. I was turning around and around. Since I starting working with Jeanne, I have tripled my profits and it’s getting better all the time.

Jeanne quickly helped me find what I know is the right path for me. I now have tools that are helping me move forward instead of prior, vague notions of how to do things “right”. She has helped me realize that it’s much more involved than “Work hard and everything will turn out”. Jeanne’s unique time management systems, efficiency techniques, enlistment practices, and the EFT that she has taught me support me and give me confidence that I can and will achieve my goals. Also, Jeanne’s passionate, positive (real positive) attitude and vast personal experience that she draws on, inspires me and gets me past my patterns of negative thinking.

I thrive on the boost I get from each our sessions and her generous support. She has helped me be at ease being “visible” in the world and marketing my business with confidence. I love her system of “Extraordinary Action”. This has been hugely helpful for me together with practical and doable strategy . I am excited to be fulfilling my goals, one at a time and getting closer and closer to my Super Goal and big business dream.

David Luftig – Photographer and Industrial Designer