Why Juggling is for Clowns!


I often hear people talk about how they are juggling many things at once and it seems to have gotten to a point where we think that’s something to be proud of. Well, read on!

If you are a Mom and you have a business and many other things going on that make up a full life, yes, that’s something to be proud of. Or if you are living several passions at once and working and in a relationship. Also, absolutely something to be proud of.

But, folks, the juggling has to go. That’s for clowns!

You are probably asking what I mean right now. How will you get everything done? Is she asking me to get rid of whole sections of my life? No. I’m not. I’m talking about adjustments.

There are two parts to what I’m going on about here.

First of all, what I mean is that when someone is juggling or has “many balls in the air”, that usually means that there is great stress involved in not having one or two of these balls crash to the earth. Not a great visual and super stress causing.

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