“Ultimate Performance”

Business & Executive Coaching


Maximize your Profits, Leadership and Team Performance

Where is your company right now? And where are you right now?

Are you a Leader who is struggling to reach your Maximum Potential? Is your team struggling with communication, productivity, leadership mindset?  Does your direction lack Clarity? Do you have no laser-focused plans and strategic direction for yourself and your company? No clear and effective strategy for bringing in Ideal Clients? Are you overworked and burning out? Is your business or organization not reaching the profits needed for sustainable growth?

Are short-term problems driving out long-term opportunities. Are you always “busy” working in your business and forget the working ON the business?

If you are really serious about getting yourself (and your Team) to Maximum Performance or even if you are on you way there, I can help you and your company.

Operating at your Ultimate Performance level in business allows you to flourish in your Leadership in ways that leave you completely fulfilled and the people around you also reaching their highest potential and peak performance.

As an Ultimate Performance Business & Executive Coach, I  help Leaders to grow vastly profitable businesses that excel and stay true to their vision and mission. I activate strategies to help companies and their teams to win, to be hugely successful in current and future roles, and to support that success through cutting edge development in Leadership, Marketing, Productivity, Communication, Negotiation, Adaptability Quotient (AQ)

My passion lies in helping professionals and companies to navigate to their “Genius Zone” – to be motivated to reach their Ultimate Performance level,  where they are able to contribute,  and attain maximum growth with the most ease and work/life balance possible.

If you want to discuss getting you and your company situated in your Genius Zone, email: jeanne@jeanneomlor.com to ascertain how we can tailor-make your clear path to getting there!