I’m Jeanne (pronounced Zhan), a Certified Business & Executive Coach and Public Speaker. As a natural born motivator, encourager and voracious researcher and strategist, I am dedicated to helping Leaders of small businesses and larger corporations to create the business of their dreams. All this by accelerating and transforming everything from mindset to Cash Generation, and developing the capacity for joy and passion for what you do! I’m based in New York City and West Chester, Ohio and work with clients locally and internationally. 

All of my clients have one thing in common: they are smart, creative, go-getters who want to get where they want their companies to go in the shortest amount of time, with no fillers. 

If you are bursting with big ideas and big plans for your business and just need to implement them…

If you’re a coach, consultant, shop owner, lawyer, designer, or any other type of small business owner..

If you have a sense of where want to go, but you’re not sure how to get there…

If you are drowning in Social Media and need a clear plan to create an effective Social Media Machine….

I can help.

I work with:

Small Businesses with one to many employees who want to maximize their business, by drilling down on Creative Marketing, Branding, Social Media, accelerating their profits using the Fastest Path to Cash or whatever it is that is standing in your way of Highest Success. And above all, developing GRIT.  

Executives and Key Leaders in Larger Corporations who have successful yet chaotic businesses and wish to reach Peak Performance as the Leaders they could be. They’re working less productively than possible, using systems that no longer work for them, and don’t have a clear plan moving forward or advanced Time Flow skills. I pinpoint exactly what needs to be perfected and how. We streamline their businesses so they are free to spend more time in their genius zones, creating accelerated growth and enriching the personal and work lives of their teams. Or they have reached a plateau or are stuck, and we find new ways of moving forward that work better and create the most impact at growing and thriving in their chosen field. We maximize your impact on many levels such as Image & Public Speaking, Communications, Negotiations, Business Strategy, Productivity. And more.

I have clients in the US, Asia, Europe and Australasia. My expertise has been grown by my studies and experience which include: Leadership and Marketing, Consulting, Social Media Strategy and Conversion, Internet Marketing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Myers-Briggs. 

As much of my coaching is by phone or Skype, anyone, anywhere in the world with a will to transform their business life has access to me!

I feel that now is the time to bring our real and whole selves to our lives and our work and to operate in the world with Grace, Shameless Authenticity and Humor. This is the way of the future.

Why not start this future now?



The first important thought I remember having was that “Anything Is Possible”. My parents moving me and my nine siblings from California to Australia might have had something to do with this.

Fast forward to: graduating from Design School in Perth, moving to Melbourne and working as a designer and production manager. I launched my own tiny haute couture label, (which didn’t work as I knew nothing about marketing), and worked as a costume designer for Australian film and TV industry. Then I felt the pull to my original passion: acting.

I moved to London to study, and launched my acting career in the land of the Eternal Bard. I also traveled extensively and had many adventures in Asia, Africa and Europe and ended up living in Paris for 6 years where I worked as an actress, food designer for a Cordon Bleu chef, translator and English Teacher.

Sounds very romantic. Right? And I love Paris, but the thing was…I was living day to day, in a freezing cold garret stuck in the “Myth of the Starving Artist”.

I decided to get serious about my acting career and moved to New York City.

I threw myself into my refreshed acting career, continued my classical singing studies (still with no idea about how to market myself) and had some success but was basically a very able actress with a trained voice, who was all dressed up with nowhere to go!

I had been studying self-development since I was seventeen but hadn’t yet transformed my “Abundance Story”.

When I truly made the switch to an Abundance Mindset and got over the fear of selling and marketing, my parallel career as a Wall Street Executive Recruiter became hugely successful and I was the top performer in my firm. 

And I started indulging my passion as a filmmaker on the side.

After getting married and having two beautiful girls, the new world of Kids’ Design opened to me. I launched a website/blog called Bellissima Kids and it quickly was named one of the top ten blogs in the world for Kidswear Design (because I at last, had an idea of marketing and Social Media!)

And finally, I found a way to embody all of my training, abilities and experience to become a Business & Executive Coach to be able to help other Leaders to transform their businesses, and to reach their Highest Potential, for themselves and their teams. And to understand in a real, lived way, that “Anything is Possible”.

And that’s what I’m best at.