I’m Jeanne (pronounced Zhan), Business & Executive Coach and Public Speaker. As a natural born motivator, encourager and voracious researcher and strategist, I am dedicated to helping Leaders of small businesses and CEO’s of larger corporations to operate at their Ultimate Performance level. 

All of my clients have one thing in common: they are smart, go-getters who want to fulfill their ultimate potential, enjoy heightened productivity, and lead with integrity,  while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

I work with:

Small Businesses with one to many employees who want to maximize their business, by creating  Creative Strategy, Profit Acceleration, Leadership, Productivity.  And above all, developing GRIT.  

Executives and Key Leaders in Larger Corporations who have successful yet chaotic lives and wish to reach their Ultimate Performance as the Leaders they have within them. They’re working less productively than possible, using systems that no longer work for them, and don’t have a clear plan moving forward or advanced Time Flow skills. I pinpoint exactly what needs to be perfected and how. I help streamline their processes so they are free to spend more time in their Genius Zone, creating accelerated growth and the enrichment of the personal and work lives of their teams. Or if they have reached a plateau or are stuck, we find new ways of moving forward that work better and create the most impact at growing and thriving in their chosen field. We maximize their impact on many levels such as Image & Public Speaking, Communications, Negotiations, Business Strategy, Productivity, Leadership and AQ. (Adaptability Quotient). 

I have clients in the US, Asia, Europe and Australia. My expertise has been grown by my studies and influences which include: a Design degree, Leadership, Marketing, Consulting, Social Media Strategy and Conversion, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Myers-Briggs, Marshall Goldsmith, Design Thinking, AQ – Adaptability Quotient training, GRIT training and Art!

I’m based in New York City and West Chester, Ohio and work with clients locally and internationally. As much of my coaching is by phone or Skype, anyone, anywhere in the world with a will to transform their leadership has access to me!

I feel that now is the time to bring our real and whole selves to work lives and to operate in the world with Grace, Shameless Authenticity and Humor. This is the way of the future.

Why not start this future now?



The first important thought I remember having was that “Anything Is Possible”. My parents moving me and my nine siblings from California to Australia might have had something to do with this.

I believe anything is possible and that people have the genius within them to reach their Ultimate Performance and productivity without burnout and without burning those who surround them. 

I have had a complex experience palette in many fields including design, production, haute couture, acting, filmmaking, Executive Recruiting for Wall Street, Consulting and Coaching. 

I have lived in many different countries, and traveled extensively in Asia, Africa and Europe and ended up living in Paris for 6 years! 

And finally, I found a way to embody all of my training, abilities and experience to serve Business Leaders by helping them attain their Ultimate Performance level. And to help them realize that “Anything is Possible”.

And that’s MY Genius Zone.