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Live Your "Precious" Life

Are you living your "Precious Life"—you know—the authentic version that makes you excited to wake up every day and get to business?

Are you overworked and/or underpaid in your business and stuck because you have no clear direction?

Do you dream of doing something “Else” with your life but can’t motivate yourself or can’t find the time or the way?

Are your passions and dreams getting further and further away from you. Dreams of the business you really want, together with a beautiful personal life, and Happiness and Peace of Mind that comes from fulfilling our lives in the way we deeply desire?

Are you not loving your life?

Well, you can love your life and your business far more than you can possibly imagine!

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10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward


How is your year going so far? Can you believe that 1/26th of the year is already history?

When you look at it like that, you realize that each week and each two weeks of our lives do matter and count so much. So, we need to be intentional for every single day and week of our lives.

And after much reflection before the dawn of this New Year, and really plotting and blueprinting my year, I returned to a list that author Stephen Covey came up a few years ago, called “10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward”.

I have worked with this this list on and off and I’m sharing it with you now as I feel it is just so valuable and succinct. When you need to get clear on what to throw out the window to free yourself for success, it is the go-to list!

But don’t just glance at it. Delve into which ones of these are your biggest obstacles. And consciously work towards actually giving them up. And here’s the biggest tip…START NOW!

I didn’t say it was easy, but completely worth the effort to go for the Business and Life of your dreams!

Big thanks to Stephen for this. Here they are:

#1 Letting The Opinions Of Others Control Your Life

It’s not what others think, it’s what you think about yourself that counts. You have to do exactly what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everyone else.

#2 The Shame Of Past Failures

Your past does not equal your future. All that matters is what you do right now.

#3 Being Indecisive About What You Want

You will never leave where you are until you decide where you would rather be. Make a decision now to figure out what you want, and then pursue it passionately.

#4 Procrastinating On The Goals That Matter To You

There are two primary choices in life:  to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.  The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.

#5 Choosing To Do Nothing

You don’t get to choose how you were going to die, or when. You can only decide how you are going to live, right now.

#6 Your Need To Be Right

 Aim for success, and never give up your right to be wrong.  If you do, you will also lose your ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.

#7 Running From Problems That Should Be Fixed

Stop running! Face the issues, fix the problems, communicate, appreciate, forgive and love the people in your life who deserve it.

#8 Making Excuses Rather Than Decisions

Most long-term failures are the outcome of people who make excuses rather than decisions.

#9 Overlooking The Positive Points In Your Life

What you see depends on what you’re looking for. You see what you focus on, everything else drifts by unnoticed. You will have a hard time ever being happy if you aren’t looking for — and being thankful for — the good things in your life right now.

#10 Not Appreciating The Present Moment

Too often we try to accomplish something big without realizing that the greatest part of life is made up of the little things. Enjoy the journey.


Please comment below to share with us which one of these is the one you relate to the most. And if you have any tips for us on how to give these up! When we work together to give one another ideas, it makes us all better.

With much love and to your Success,







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It’s not your fault

There is no blame. This is not your fault…




You were taught how to get a “good” job, not how to create a profitable business that you LOVE and that is fulfilling and that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning!

I know this past year has been frustrating. You know what it feels like to be successful in other things. And you might even have been an “A” student in your other life. But, things changed… when you launched your business.

You’ve been listening to tele-classes and webinars, reading articles, you’re doing what you “should” on social media and maybe even bought an info-product or two that provided some sort of swipe at improving things, but clients are still only trickling in…if at all.

You’re confused about what to do right NOW to attract more high-quality clients. You’re overwhelmed by all of the choices. You are scattered in your approach. And tripping over yourself trying to do too many things all at once.

You’re working very hard but your results are mediocre. You are frustrated. And you are losing steam.

You knew that it would take time to create momentum in your business but time is running out (along with your sanity). You’ve either got to earn a consistent income from your business now, or throw in the towel and get a J-O-B. And do something that will suck your soul out of you.

I know how you feel because this was me a short few years ago. It was difficult for me to admit that I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, especially since I’ve always been so capable all my life.

I was bewildered and frustrated.

But I ate the humble pie, decided to value myself and invest in myself and got very high quality coaching.


And, I certainly wouldn’t have the business I have today if I had I continued on the D.I.Y (Don’t Invest in Yourself) route. I needed personalized H.E.L.P. to make my dream of helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses and lives a reality. I needed a proven, step-by-step action plan to show me exactly what to do to enroll more clients and multiply my cash flow.

I shudder to think where I would be if I had not learned this lesson:

Just because you have passion, are smart and are great at what you do, doesn’t mean that you have the know-how and/or the insights to build a successful business. The only way to do this is to learn from someone who’s already done it. Who has already been down that path. 

I know. It’s VERY easy to say that what with the holidays here that this isn’t a good time to receive support for your business. But the people who succeed do what others don’t. And what better gift can you give yourself than a successful and exciting business that let’s you shine?

You want to start 2015 with more than an extra few holiday pounds to lose don’t you?!

Procrastination is deadly costly….and in January there’ll be other “good” reasons to stay on the hamster-wheel and pray that things will change. And then more in February, March, April…

I know all too well that there is always another “good” excuse…because I used to live in Excuse Land! All it got me was a feeling of self-loathing. And walking around with a stone in my heart, because I had betrayed myself and my brilliance.

Praying and wishing and hoping is not enough. High quality action is also completely vital. You have to dig in and do it.

I have checked in with prospective clients who never took action – never got coaching from me…and they are in exactly the same place they were in when I spoke with them months or even years ago. And it fills me with sadness to see them still suffering.

Please don’t let that happen to you.

Time is MONEY and when you waste time, there is a lot of money not being created, but disappearing into the ethers. Poof!

Why not make the decision right now to get the expert help that you need to create a successful and meaningful business?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to give yourself the very best odds at the success you seek?!

I’m opening up 3 spots for private coaching with me through the rest of December for go-getters who are raring to hit the ground running for 2015.

I LOVE working with my private clients in a one-on-one via telephone or SKYPE. When an entrepreneur is committed to their own success, I can help them to make BIG impactful changes to their life and to their cash flow…as quickly as possible.

Since my programs are invitation-only the first step is for you to apply for a complimentary 30 minute Platinum Breakthrough Discovery Session by emailing [email protected] and setting up a time.

I will personally be taking these calls and together we’ll get crystal clear on your business goals and discover what’s holding you back from achieving them…and design a strategy to get you to the next level ASAP.

If we’re a good fit we can explore which of my 1 on 1 programs would be the dynamite you need to succeed.

This Complimentary session is for you if:

  • You know that you have something huge to offer the world and yourself and KNOW that 2015 is meant to be the year you take that big leap to get you ENORMOUS results and the domino effect you have been looking for
  • You know that if you get pure clarity around what you need to do next and the EXACT steps to take,  you can increase your business and earn an additional $5-$10k a month without stress.
  • You’re ready to crawl out from under that rock you are stuck under, and truthfully make a HUGE commitment to your own success and realize your full potential.
  • You cannot wait one more year chasing your tail.

If you feel deep down that this might be what you need, don’t hesitate till the next round of excuses sabotages your success. Stand up for yourself right now and for your future and for those who are dying to see you succeed!

Me and my team are here to to hold your hand and to do whatever it takes to support you to get the success you yearn and crave. And deserve!

Again, email [email protected] to request an appointment.  

With MUCH love and to your SUCCESS,


Jeanne Omlor
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Be Scared. Be Very Scared.



I know that Halloween is a time of catharsis by way of being scared of goblins and witches and all sorts of unspeakable creatures from horror films and the dark depths of our psyches.

But it’s over now.

And we actually need to work on not “Being scared. Very scared”.

Most of us find ourselves in fight or flight mode most of the time. And it seems there are so many things that we can be scared of these days that our early ancestors didn’t even have to think of. They were scared of basic things like being eaten, not having enough food and freezing to death.

We still have those fears (minus being eaten in most cases) and it seems we have added so many other things we can be scared of…

We are scared of the IRA, our credit card company, our landlord, our bank officer, or that if we don’t act the way we should, others won’t like us, or that bots will attack our email signup list, that our kids will not be the best in their class, that someone will damage our car…or that it  will need expensive repairs, that we will be rejected, that we will not get what we want, that our business will fail if we start one, that our website won’t be perfect, that we will be gypped, that our internet service will go down,  and that we might even get booted off of by the Twitter/ Facebook gods if we don’t play by their rules…

The list goes on and on and the worst part is this vague backdrop of general fear that is not even named. An anxiety of things that are in hiding and waiting to jump out and eat us, like in a horror film.

And I see people in this fear-based thinking every day. This kind of fear-based thinking is a disease that keeps us from living our lives to the fullest and taking measured risk. And I know this fear-based thinking well, because I used to be in it myself.
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5 Ways to Stop Your Fears from Strangling your Success


We went to the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago to the famed Atlantis Water Park. As soon as we arrived at this amazing place, we were met with fantasy pools, astounding aquariums, water rides and thrills of every kind, wonderful beaches –  just a Disneyland of Water Worlds. And everyone there (it seemed) was  on this high of pleasure and vacationing Nirvana…except my four-year old daughter.

As we arrived late the first day there, we were scurrying to at least get one ride in before the park closed for the day. So we headed to The Rapid River. My daughter was very keen to get in the blowup raft, but as soon as she was in the seat, she froze and started screaming that she was scared and to get her off NOW.

I was trying to figure out how to get in the raft myself and trying to listen to the attendant who was instructing me on all the ins and outs amidst the screeching. In the meantime, her older sister had already taken off so I was concerned about us being separated.

So, I tried to reason with her. Nothing. More screaming of how scared she was.

More reasoning, coaxing, explaining how I was holding her the whole time, that it was safe, and how fun it was going to be. More screaming.

Finally, I realized that we were not going to be able to do anything on this vacation at all if I did not help her face her fears (and that my other daughter would be lost somewhere). So, I calmly said that we were going on the ride, hugged her tight, and said that she would see how fun it is. She was still screaming but after about 10 seconds, she stopped, her face lit up and she was squealing with delight. Phew.

After that, she couldn’t stop taking about how fun the ride was. So, we overcame that fear and she clamored to go on that ride over and over during our stay.

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Learn the ONE Non-Negotiable Thing You need to Succeed

The recipe for success has many ingredients, including a pinch of sheer luck for some people. But what comes up again and again with me and my clients is the one vital ingredient that is non-negotiable and very learnable: Persistence.


Are there times when you think of giving up on what you just know you are supposed to be doing? And somehow at the time, does this giving up seem to be a good idea for so many reasons?

Have you ever noticed that whatever you do, that this moment will come up for you at some point? That there is no escaping it?

With whatever I have wanted to do and have done in my life, I wanted to succeed immediately. I wanted to speak other languages with the wave of a magic wand, paint like the masters in two weeks and well, I wanted to learn how to sing opera yesterday, of course! I was not patient and definitely not persistent if it took too much sustained effort.

I found myself in this situation many times because somehow, I thought and hoped that something would be immediate or effortless or “Magic Wandish”.

Sound familiar?

But that’s not life and I can tell you that when I started singing lessons many years ago, my voice was trapped – potentially a good voice but I needed training and lots of it. I stuck with it and practiced almost every day for years, and I got better and better and ended up loving singing. Did I give up. No. Was it frustrating. Yes.

But it taught me about process and development and persistence. And I gained great satisfaction from the results, to boot. And this has served me well, especially in my business.

Why Be Persistent?

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