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Where is your business right now? 

    1. Are you a Leader or a potential Leader who is struggling to reach your potential? Are you overworked and is your business not reaching the profits you desire? Are you stuck because you have no clear direction, no effective strategy for bringing in Ideal Clients who are eager to work with your company or buy your product?
    2. Or…. are you at that sweet place of exciting growth, galloping along, gaining momentum, higher and higher revenues, waking up every day just dying to get to business at your most Productive, and at the top of your game..with a team who has is reaching their excellence?

If you are really serious about getting your business to the number 2 scenario or even if you are on you way there, I can help you and your company. 

Being at your Peak in business allows you to live your  “Precious Business Life”—(the authentic version of your Business) – and  maximizes your leadership in ways that leave you feeling completely fulfilled and the people around you reaching their highest potential .

As a Business and Executive Coach, I  help leaders to grow vastly profitable businesses that excel and stay true to their vision and mission. I employ methods to help companies and their teams to win, to be successful in current and future roles, and to support that success through cutting edge development in Leadership, Marketing, Productivity, Communications and Public Speaking, and Negotiation. My passion lies in helping professionals and companies find their sweet spot – to be motivated to reach their highest excellence where they are able to contribute, while attaining maximum growthIf you want to get you and your company to the Highest Potential, email:

Jeanne@jeanneomlor.com or call 347 351 5653 to talk about how we can tailor-make your path to arriving there as soon as possible.

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